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Historic Buildings and Monuments in Caldbeck Civil Parish

Listed buildings and scheduled monuments in Caldbeck Civil Parish, Cumbria, from the National Heritage List for England[1]. Use the Search (below) if looking for a specific building / monument.

Structure List No. Grade Built~ Note
Askewmire and Adjoining Barn 1312129 II    
Barn Adjoining to North West of Hudscales Cottage 1144452 II    
Barn End 1327256 II    
Barn to East of High Brownrigg 1144437 II    
Beech Cottages 1311991 II    
Berkeley Cottage (Burkley Cottage on Ordnance Survey Map) 1327231 II    
Berkeley House and Barn to Rear (Burkley House on Ordnance Survey Map) 1144446 II    
Branthwaite Cottage 1137842 II    
Branthwaite Farmhouse and Adjoining Barns and Byres 1327204 II 1658 Branthwaite. With later modifications
Brewery House 1327228 II    
Bridge End House 1327227 II    
Bridge House 1312088 II    
Burblethwaite and Adjoining Barn 1138058 II    
Canon House 1138137 II    
Carrock Cottage 1312007 II    
Carrock House 1144443 II    
Church Bridge 1144474 II    
Church of St Kentigern 1327205  I C12th Caldbeck
Church View 1144433 II    
Denton House 1327233 II    
Dickens House 1138111 II    
Elm Lodge and Green Way 1144450 II    
Field Barn 1416127 II    
Former Farmhouse and Barn Known As Billy Yard, North West of Branthwaite House 1144472 II    
Former Farmhouse West of Townend 1311944 II    
Garage and Woodshed to South of Bridge End House 1144434 II    
Garden Wall Surrounding Rectory Including Front Gateway 1137868 II    
Glen Court 1327254 II    
Green Head and Adjoining Barns 1144441 II    
Greenrigg Farmhouse and Adjoining Barn 1144440 II    
Greenrigg House 1144439 II    
Greenside 1138169 II    
Haltcliff House and Adjoining Barn 1144442 II    
Haltcliff View and Adjoining Byre 1138069 II    
Haltcliffe Hall and adjoining byre/barn 1138260 II    
Harkness Barn 1137907 II    
Hesket Hall 1144444  II* C17th Former manor house. Hesket Newmarket.
High Brownrigg and Adjoining Former Byres 1327229 II    
High Greenrigg House and Adjoining Barns 1138042 II    
Holborn 1312127 II    
Howbeck Cottages 1327235 II    
Howbeck Farmhouse and Howbeck Cottage and Adjoining Barns 1138204 II    
Howbeck House and Former Barn 1144451 II    
Hudscales Cottage and Adjoining Barn 1138231 II    
Hutton Sceugh 1327236 II    
J Strong and Son Clog Markers (Blanket Mill) 1327207 II    
John Peel Cottage and Adjoining Barn 1144438 II    
John Peel Farm (Not to Be Confused with John Peel Farmhouse on Former List) 1138034 II    
John Peel Inn 1144475 II    
Kings Arms Cottage 1144447 II    
Kirkland Cottage 1327206 II    
Low Brownrigg and Adjoining Barns 1137848 II    
Low Mill 1312108 II    
Manor Cottage 1138020 II    
Market Cross 1144449 II C19th Hesket Newmarket
Midtown Cottages 1137893 II    
Midtown Farm Cottages and Adjoining Barn 1144476 II    
Midtown Farmhouse 1327226 II    
Mill House and Adjoining Mill 1144436 II    
Paddigill 1327230 II    
Pasture Lane Cottage 1138274 II    
Rectory 1144473 II    
Rose Cottage 1138183 II    
Rough Close and Adjoining Barns 1144471 II    
Rowena Cottage 1138162 II    
Smithy Cottage 1138124 II    
Sun House 1327232 II    
Temperance Hall 1145206 II    
The Beeches 1144448 II    
The Garage 1311971 II C18th Former Moot Hall. Hesket Newmarket.
The Green 1144445 II    
The Old Brewery 1144435 II    
Todcrofts and Adjoining Barns 1144454 II    
Whelpo Bridge 1327255 II C18th Whelpo
Whelpo Head 1144412 II    
Whelpo House 1144411 II    
Wood Hall and Adjoining Barns 1144413 II    
Woodhouse and Adjoining Barn 1144453 II    
Weasel Hills prehistoric cairnfield, associated field system, hut circle and a funerary cairn, immediately north and north west of High Wath Ford 1020044 n/a   Scheduled Monument
Carrock End copper mine 230m and 490m south west of Linewath 1019956 n/a   Scheduled Monument
Haltcliffe copper smelter and associated leat immediately east of High Wath Ford 1019957 n/a   Scheduled Monument
Rospow Hills prehistoric cairnfield and associated field system 740m south west of High Wath Ford 1020045 n/a   Scheduled Monument
Round cairn 250m south east of High Wath Ford 1020046 n/a   Scheduled Monument
Round cairn 275m south east of High Wath Ford 1020047 n/a   Scheduled Monument
Round cairn 380m north west of Willywood Well 1020048 n/a   Scheduled Monument
Round cairn 390m west of Linewath 1020049 n/a   Scheduled Monument
Large univallate hillfort, two round cairns and medieval shieling on Carrock Fell 1011592 n/a   Scheduled Monument

Primary source: the National Heritage List for England - NHLE is the register of nationally protected historic buildings and sites in England, including listed buildings, scheduled monuments, protected wrecks, registered parks and gardens, and battlefields. The list is maintained by Historic England. Check NHLE for updates and new entries. Secondary sources: British Listed Buildings.

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