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Historic Buildings and Monuments in Bishop Auckland

Listed buildings and scheduled monuments in Barnard Castle, County Durham, from the National Heritage List for England[1]. Use the Search (below) if looking for a specific building / monument.

Structure List No. Grade Built~ Notes
9, Market Place (Left Part) 1196606 II    
1, Newgate Street 1218095 II    
10, Market Place 1217892 II    
11, Market Place 1196607  II*    
12, Market Place 1217902 II    
13-23, Victoria Avenue 1196587 II    
15 and 16, Market Place 1196608 II    
17 and 18, Market Place 1217931 II    
17, North Bongate 1297552 II    
18, Newgate Street 1297551 II    
1a and 1b, Market Place 1210111 II    
22, Market Place 1196566 II    
23, Market Place 1196567 II    
24 and 25, Market Place 1196568 II    
28, High Bondgate 1242334 II    
29, Market Place 1196571 II    
3, Great Gates 1297563 II    
4 and 6, High Bondgate 1292354 II    
4, Market Place 1210112 II    
46 and 47, Market Place 1196574 II    
46 and 48, High Bondgate 1210079 II    
48, Market Place 1217971 II    
5, Market Place 1196605 II    
5-12, Victoria Avenue 1218446 II    
55,55a,55b and 57, Fore Bondgate 1297559 II    
6, Market Place 1292306 II    
7, Market Place 1297528 II    
8, High Bondgate 1210069 II    
8, Market Place 1210113 II    
80, Newgate Street 1292114 II    
9, Market Place 1292260 II    
Auckland Castle 1196444  I c.1183 Manor house, later converted to castle
Auckland Castle Entrance Gateway 1297645  I    
Auckland Castle West Mural Tower and West Walls 1196445  I    
Barclays Bank 1297567 II    
Bay Horse Public House 1209685 II    
Bedford Lodge 1292048 II    
Bishop Auckland Cemetery Chapel 1292016 II    
Bishop Auckland Cemetery Gates 1297555 II    
Bishop Auckland Cemetery Lodge 1196582 II    
Bishop Auckland Methodist Church 1209024 II    
Bridge over River Gaunless 1196599 II    
Castle Lodge 1297529  I    
Chapel of St Peter at Auckland Castle 1196446  I c.1190  
Church of St Anne 1292201 II    
Church of St Peter 1292120 II    
Church of St Andrew 1196458  I C13th  
Coopers Public House 1196588 II    
Deer Shelter in Auckland Castle Park 1297608  I 1760  
Drinking Fountain 1210028 II    
Drive Bridge over River Gaunless 1196449 II    
Former Hippodrome Theatre 1400076 II    
Garden and Drive Walls and Railings South of Auckland Castle Drive 1297647 II    
Gazebo to North of Number 6 1196600 II    
Glenside 1292520 II    
Grand Hotel 1218326 II    
Green Tree Public House 1196457 II    
Henknowle Manor Public House 1196579 II    
King James I School Lodge 1218386 II    
King James I School, Lower School 1196583 II    
King James I School, Middle School 1297556 II    
Library 1297565 II    
Mcintyre 1196577 II    
Midland Bank 1218106 II    
Monument to Robert Watson Approximately 30 Metres South of Cemetery Chapel 1292019 II    
Newton Cap Bridge 1292118  I C14th Widenend C18th
Newton Cap Railway Viaduct over River Wear 1269762 II 1857  
Old Bank Chambers 1196573 II    
Post Chaise Hotel 1196572 II    
Potting Shed and Garages West of Auckland Castle 1297646 II    
Railings and Piers to King James I School Lower School 1218341 II    
Road Bridge over Railway 1209680 II    
Screen Wall and Garden Walls to South and East of Auckland Castle 1196448  I    
Six Pillars 3 Metres East of West Wall of Auckland Castle 1196447 II    
Stone Horse Trough at Junction with West Road 1196601 II    
The Almshouses 1196575 II    
The Elms 1196569 II    
Toilet Blocks and Storage Buildings to King James I School 1196584 II    
Town Hall 1297550  II*    
Wall in Front of Number 27 Market Place 1196570 II    
Walls and Piers in Front of Numbers 25, 27 and 29 1297614 II    
Walls, Piers and Gates to Bishop Auckland Methodist Church 1209031 II    
Walls, Piers, Gates and Railings to King James I School 1291998 II    
War Memorial in Front of Number 45 Market Place 1297549 II    
Waynes Shoes 1196604 II    
Wesley Methodist Church and Attached Railings 1196578 II    
Westcott Lodge 1217919 II    
Deer shelter in Auckland Castle deer park 1011641 n/a 1760 Scheduled Monument
Newton Cap Bridge 1005581 n/a C14th Scheduled Monument
Auckland Castle Park 1000727  II*   Listed Park and Garden
Drive Bridge over Coundon Burn at Nz 2157 3078 1292957 II    
Ice House to South of Coundon Burn at Nz 2160 3072 1196451 II    
Jock's Bridge over River Gaunless Near Confluence with River Wear 1208804 II    

Primary source: the National Heritage List for England - NHLE is the register of nationally protected historic buildings and sites in England, including listed buildings, scheduled monuments, protected wrecks, registered parks and gardens, and battlefields. The list is maintained by Historic England. Check NHLE for updates and new entries.
Secondary sources: British Listed Buildings and Keys to the Past.

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