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Glendale Ward, 1855

Extract from: History, Topography, and Directory of Northumberland...Whellan, William, & Co, 1855.



GLENDALE WARD, comprising one market town, Wooler, and nine parishes, is bounded on the north by Islandshire and Norhamshire, on the west by Scotland, on the south by Coquetdale Ward, and on the east by Bambrough Ward. It is divided into two divisions, East and West, whose united area is 109,816 statute acres, and its population in 1801, was 10,091; in 1841, 12,466; and in 1851, 12,522 souls. It is said to derive its name from the river Glen, which is formed by the junction of two small streams near Kirk Newton, whence it flows easterly and falls into the Till, which crosses the Ward from south to north; but the more probable opinion is, that it has obtained its name from the number of glens with which this division of the county abounds. Besides the rivers just mentioned, there are a number of small streams, and the Tweed, for a few miles of its course, forms the north-western boundary of the ward. The soil in the valleys is generally of a sandy or gravelly nature, lying principally on a substratum of pebbles, but on the higher parts of the district the lands are cooler and more retentive. Coal, limestone, shell, marl, and brown, red, and grey whinstone are the principal minerals. During the last half century the soil of this ward has been much improved by the superior system of agriculture adopted by the various proprietors, and the beauty of its picturesque and romantic scenery has been greatly enhanced by numerous plantations and handsome residences. The following table exhibits the names of the parishes, their acreage, number of houses and population in 1851 : - 

Parish etc. Acres Houses Males Females Total
Branxton 1,487 55 135 149 284
Carham 10,382 258 658 704 1,362
Chatton 7,090 316 841 924 1,765
Chillingham 4,929 75 179 201 380
Doddington 9,110 181 383 442 825
Ford 11,464 453 1,130 1,192 2,322
Kirk Newton 37,976 315 849 883 1,732
Lowick 12,526 402 955 986 1,941
Wooler 4,852 361 906 1,005 1,911
Northumberland Parishes and Townships - 1855


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