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Cornsay Colliery (colliery)

The colliery opened in 1868 and consisted of a number of drift mines: Chapelflat Drift, Colpike Drift, Ford Drift, High Drift, and Low Drift. The drift mines ran sideways into the hillside to work four thick seams of coal. Most of the coal produced was turned into coke. The colliery also produced fireclay, for making bricks, tiles and sewage pipes. The village of Cornsay Colliery was built to house the miners and their famiiies. In 1914 there were 602 people employed at the colliery (415 working below ground, 187 on the surface). Cornsay Colliery closed in February 1953.[1] ?1955

Cornsay Colliery (village) 1868 Collieries


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