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Scaffold Hill Hospital, Wallsend (1914-1986)

The isolation hospital was officially opened in 1914 to house sufferers of infectious diseases such as tuberculosis, scarlet fever and measles at a time when the “modern treatment” was fresh air away from coal fires and industry. Initially it had 2 wards of 10 beds and was extended with an additional block in 1927 and by 1934 there were 72 beds. The hospital took military infectious cases during World War II but switched to care of the elderly as numbers with infectious diseases reduced with improvements in Public Health and medicine.[1] The hospital was closed in 1986. The building is now part of the Countryside Centre at the Rising Sun Country Park.[2]

"It is hard to imagine that the childhood infections of measles, scarlet fever and diphtheria (now treated with inoculation) could be fatal in the recent past. Few families escaped the experience of losing one or more children up to the 1930s.....Conditions in the isolation hospital were harsh compared with today’s hospitals. Patients were often in for 6-8 weeks and as they were not allowed visitors their relatives could only peer at them through glass partitions. Because of the prolonged bed rest involved in the treatment they were often too weak to walk when they left." (A guide to the history of the Rising Sun Country Park. Friends of the Rising Sun Country Park).

Fever and Isolation Hospitals 1914 Wallsend Rising Sun Country Park
A guide to the history of the Rising Sun Country Park.
- Information leaflet including details of Scaffold Hill Hospital and the Rising Sun Colliery, both of which now form part of the Rising Sun Country Park. The leaflet includes a timeline …

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Tyne and Wear HER(16676): Scaffold Hill, Scaffold Hill Hospital
- "Scaffold Hill Isolation Hospital 1914. It later opened as the Rising Sun Countryside Centre in 1987...."

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Tyne & Wear HER: 16676
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