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    Film about the energy crisis of the 1970's. The power workers strike of 1974. Businesses on a three day week and shop with limited food and petrol on sale. Working by candle and lamp light. Film predicts the depletion of energy by 1985 and of Britain's energy needs with dependence on coal. Oil crisis. Britain experiencing shortages. A completely empty motorway - petrol shortage. A hand-written sign reading 'Sorry! No Sugar' - sugar shortage. An electronic petrol pump read-out with fuel at 70 pence a gallon. Short-time working in a shop when the lights go out in an energy crisis. Hurricane lamp lit. Price rises - price ticket on biscuits raised from 19 pence to 21 pence. The floor of a vandalised red telephone box. Newspaper headline refer to fuel rises and inflation at 18%. A young woman apologises to boss at work because her train was late. Newspaper billboard for The Yorkshire Evening Press reading 'The Energy Crisis'. Black and white archive of postwar Britain - streets in the Potteries and other parts of the country, a man cycles along a high street, man pushes pram on pavement. Terraced housing. A girl skipping in the street. Kettle boils and woman takes it off hob. Woman iron clothes with electric iron. Woman uses mangle-type device attached to sink. Horse and cart. 1950's coalminers working underground with headlamps and pickaxes. Soldier walks on pavement and passes billboard advertising work in the mines - 'for the chap who wants to get on - join the miners'. An N.C.B. railway engine and train of three carriages pulls up at a railway halt and men get off and walk along platform. Automated mining machinery. Works canteen. Montage of mine activities above ground including a nurse. Woman helps husband on with his overcoat in living room. Men approach The Gate Inn which sells Bass Pale, Mild and Strong Ales. Men in pub smoke as they play dominoes. Weekend cycling men cycle round bend in town. Parents take hands of toddler and walk him along street - nice shot of them as they set off on a beach holiday - boy has a tiny plastic bucket in his hand. Lads push girl into lido swimming pool. Girls wake man lying in heather by tickling him with twigs. Ballroom and couples dancing. People check out new cars at a car motor show. Car with a Nottingham registration drives off from a large red brick municipal building. End of b/w archive film Colour footage from 1974 - shops, bus queues, shopping malls, Dewhurst the butchers, escalator in a shopping centre. Make up counter. Shoe shop. Flowers in florists. Woman puts lp long playing album record on record player and puts headphones on. Relaxing back in chair as woman watches television horse racing. Close up of turning on stainless steel tap. Sink full of suds and washing up. Boiling kettles and smoking factory chimneys. Coal mining - conveyor belt of coal. Oil tanker on dual carriageway. Arabian oilfield. Natural gas being burned off. B/w of coalminers leaving pit in 1950's - 1960's. Closed coal mines. Colour film of closed coal mines, and rail lines covered in grass. Lord Robens of the N.C.B. speaks of the need for coal. Oil imports at an oil terminal. Empty motorway. Wire basket outside shop selling calor gas canisters and lamps. Bookshop and clothes shop lit by paraffin lamps. Predictions for the future. Water cooling towers. 1960's housing estate with car driving by. Man talks of cavity wall insulation - outside of house showing drill holes. Man lays glass fibre insulation in loft - no face mask or gloves! North sea oil rig. A gas hob with an orange Le Creuset casserole pan on top. Model of Selby pit. Betws pit in South Wales. Spray painting in car factory.
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