St mary's light house

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    St Mary's light house is special to my mam because when she was little she used to go there with her dad and her brother and they used to go winkle picking every time they went to the light house, after they had picked winkles they had to eat them but my mam didn't because she said they looked like snots and they tasted like sea food and she didn't like sea food. When she goes to the light house she doesn't like going to the top because there is no railing to hold on to when you are going up and down the stairs. Sometimes when my mam went to the light house she didn't check that the tide was in so she went through to the light house then when she came out again the tide was in so she quickly had to run to the other side. St Mary's light house is special to me because when I was little my mam took me there a lot and we used to go in the gift shop and to sit in the café and eat cake and things then after we had done that we would go out and start fishing for little crabs, big crabs, big fish and little fish and we used to have so much fun. then One time me and my mam went to the light house and we were just sitting in the café then we left to go fishing and the tide was starting to come in so we had to run as fast as we could to the other side, but we still had loads of fun whatever went wrong that's why St Mary's light house was so special to me and my mam.
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