News In A Nutshell (1936)

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    Item title reads - News in a Nutshell. Intertitle - 'Glasgow' (Scotland) - M/S's as Sir Ian Cahoon (?) and other officials get out of the car ready for his installation at Rector of the university. M/S as he gets into a carriage afterwards and the students pull it along the road on ropes. Intertitle - 'Grayford' (Kent) - Various shots of fire at armaments factory. M/S of firemen tackling the blaze. There were no armaments there at the time. M/S of twisted steel wreckage of the shed. Intertitle - 'Bishop Auckland' (Durham) - M/S of Oliver Stanley, President of the Board of Education, meeting officials at a school. He watches boys having a woodwork lesson. M/S as he walks along the line of children all drinking their free half pint of milk with a straw. Good M/S of a boy and girl drinking. M/S as he watches them vault over the horse and do various exercises outside in the yard. Intertitle - 'Southampton' (Hampshire) - L/S of the ship "Deutschland" bringing Duke of Saxe-Coburg and other German war veterans. Various shots as they shake hands with British Legion representative. M/S of their medals. Various shots as they disembark. M/S of "Laurentic" bringing troops from Royal Tank Corps back from Egypt. Various shots as they wave to their families then disembark. Intertitle - 'Central Europe' - Various shots of three cycling races, one for paper boys, one for baker boys and the other with penny farthings. Various shots of each race boys race, people cheer them on. M/S back view of a young boy and girl on roller-skates. Intertitle - 'Austrian Alps' - L/S of one huge mountain covered in snow. Various shots as a party of Guides make the arduous trip to the top pulling a large cross. They get to the summit and manoeuvre the cross into position. Intertitle - 'Abyssinia' - Various shots of a football match in Addis Ababa between two Italian regiments. Various shots of soldiers watching with native Abyssinians. Various shots as they applaud. M/S as camera pans across the players lined up. Intertitle - 'Berlin' (Germany) - L/S as Count Galeazzo Ciano walks along past German troops he does fascist salute. M/S of young boy in uniform. Ciano walks up to war shrine. Various shots of the soldiers, he emerges and salutes. Various shots as the soldiers goose-step past him. Intertitle - 'Great Yarmouth' (Norfolk) - M/S of herring fleet in dock, M/S as Scottish fisher girls stand around, they are on strike and want a shilling a barrel instead of ten pence. Camera pans across the dock, M/S of a group of the girls, C/U of one lady laughing. Intertitle - 'Germany' - Young naval cadets run and climb up the mast of a ship "Horst" then stand on the rigging. C/U as an officer blows a whistle and they release the sails. M/S of man at the wheel. Various shots as it sails along. Note: the item 'The "Canopus" prepares to go into service' is missing from this edition. 90,000 historic films, all SEARCHABLE on YouTube at: Join us on Facebook at: Tweet us @britishpathe FILM ID:897.03
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