Sheep Rounded Up And Dipped To Check Epidemic AKA Sheep Farming (1949)

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    Keswick, Cumberland. L.V. Scenic view of peaks and fells. Keswick seen in on shot. (4 shots.) L.V. A Lake scene. M.S. A flock of sheep. (Herdwick species.) M.S. Pan of flock of sheep in pen. S.C.U.A sheep looking for entrance to pen. M.S. Pan from typical lake land cottage to mass of sheep. C.U. Sheepdog. M.S. Elevated shot of two shepherds dipping sheep. S.C.U. Shepherd dipping sheep. C.U. A sheep waiting to be dipped pan to another shaking itself after dipping. C.U. Man mixing solution in dip trough. M.S. Sheep being dipped. C.U. Man stirring dipping mixture SCU shepherd putting raincoat. S.C.U. Two men pouring water into dipping trough. S.C.U. Sheepdog crouching, alert. L.S. Sheep entering pens. M.S. Back view sheep being driven to pen. C.U. Shepherd. M.S. Pan from shepherd and dog to sheep running into pen. M.S. Sheepdog ushering few sheep along road. L.S. Sheep coming down from the hills. L.S. Sheep, coming down from the hills. L.S. Bleak landscape. L.S. Scenic view. (4 shots.) C.U. Sheep. M.S. Sheep being rounded up. M.S. Flock of sheep. S.C.U. Sheep passing down pathway. C.U. Shepherd whistling and calling instructions to dogs. L.D. Dog rounding up sheep, C.U. Shepherd whistling and calling instructions to dogs. L.S. Sheep on hillside. S.C.U. Shepherds whistling and calling. L.S. Dogs and shepherd rounding up sheep. C.U. Head shot of sheepdog. L.D. Shepherd and dogs rounding up sheep. M.S. Sheepdog stalking along. M.S. Sheep with shepherd walking in background. C.U. Shepherd. L.S. Two scenic shots L.S. The town of Keswick in a valley. L.S. A peak. L.S. Lake scene. L.S. Sheep in pens. L.S. Sheep on hillside. M.S. Sheep strolling along. M.S. Man preparing sheep dip. S.C.U. Man preparing sheep dip. S.C.U. Man preparing Sheep dip. M.S. Sheep crowding down pathway. S.C.U. Sheep crowding down pathway. Scenic shots (2 shots) C.U. Shepherd. M.S. Elevated pan of sheep in pen. L.S. Scenic shot. (Mute. Neg.) (Cuts. 49/34.) FILM ID:2477.26 A VIDEO FROM BRITISH PATHÉ. EXPLORE OUR ONLINE CHANNEL, BRITISH PATHÉ TV. IT'S FULL OF GREAT DOCUMENTARIES, FASCINATING INTERVIEWS, AND CLASSIC MOVIES. FOR LICENSING ENQUIRIES VISIT
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