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    As this photo seems to get a few hits from people searching for campsites, I thought I'd add a review. Pros: It's huge, which means it can usually be relied on to have some space - even on the Friday night of a sunny weekend. Its very pretty. Its a mile or so from Coniston proper - so nearest (1/3 mile away) pub is the reasonably nice Ship Inn. It will take groups - from drunken Liverpudlian hooligans to families from Birmingham with those huge 22 man tents. (I say this as this seems to be the staple clientele for Lakes campsites). There are peacocks wandering around. Cons It's run by a couple who represent that particularly irksome brand of Lakes proprietor: the ones who quite obviously hate every visitor and treat them with scorn - all while they fleece you for every pound they can get. Don't expect a smile. (Same goes for the boozer on the bridge - extortionate prices and treated like cattle at 11:00pm on the dot!) Because it will take anyone, it is very very noisy! One area seems to be set aside for partying youths who do so loudly until 4am. And then the families from Birmingham get up and start making breakfast. It's a mile from Coniston, across fields. Considering it's so big, and that they are obviously minting it, there is only one toilet block and half the showers don't work (at least in the gents). If you manage to get one that does work (look for the ones with buttons) then 50p does get you a long time of nice hot water. I think that is a fair review. It served as a useful stopgap to us as we arrived late on a Friday - but as soon as we could we moved to the wonderful Langdale NT campsite. If you know you're going then I'd suggest booking a nice campsite, but like I say, in an emergency this one is ok - just remember your earplugs and look out for chavs rally-driving to the toilet block in their full body kit Corsas.
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