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Historic Buildings and Monuments in Wolsingham

Listed buildings and scheduled monuments in Wolsingham Civil Parish, County Durham, from the National Heritage List for England[1]. Use the Search (below) if looking for a specific building / monument.

Structure List No. Grade Built~ Locality Note
1, High Street 1233094 II C18th Wolsingham  
10-14, High Street 1276870 II C19th Wolsingham  
2 Shelter Sheds South East of Wiserley Farmhouse 1276678 II C18th    
22, High Street 1233090 II C18th Wolsingham  
8, Meadhope Street 1276771 II 1740 Wolsingham  
Aberfoyle 1276769 II C19th Wolsingham  
Bradley Hall Farmhouse 1232525 II C18th   Site of former manor house (see Scheduled Monument) 
Bradley Hall fortified house and underground passages, moated site, pillow mound and fishponds 1019821 n/a C12th   Scheduled Monument
Church of St Bartholomew 1233313 II 1840 Thornley  
Church of St Mary and St Stephen 1232841 II 1848 Wolsingham Replacing a C12th church
Church of St Thomas of Canterbury 1233307 II 1854 Wolsingham RC church
Coves House Farmhouse 1232636  II* <C17th   Late medieval
Gazebo/Dovecote in Garden of Bishop Oak 1276768  II* C18th    
Harperley Working Camp, World War II prisoner of war camp at Craigside 1020730 n/a 1943   Scheduled Monument
Low Harperley Farmhouse 1276972  II* C16th Low Harperley  
Medieval settlement 1002334 n/a   Wolsingham Scheduled Monument
Whitfield Cottages 1232912  II* 1677 Wolsingham  
Whitfield House 1276869  II* c.1750 Wolsingham  
Aisley Tomb Circa 4 Metres South of Porch of Church of St Mary and St Stephen 1232901 II      
Ashes Farmhouse 1233330 II      
Attwood Tomb, Circa 100 Metres West and 6 Metres North of Gate to Church of St Mary and St Stephen 1232873 II      
Baal Hill House Farmhouse 1232905 II      
Barn Adjacent to North Gable of Low Harperley Farmhouse 1232640 II      
Barn and Byre to East of Ashes Farmhouse 1276680 II      
Barn East of Bradley Hall 1232526 II      
Bishop Oak 1233201 II      
Black Bull Public House 1233104 II      
Bombay House 1233089 II      
Bradley Burn Bridge 1232599 II      
Bradley Burn Farmhouse 1232523 II      
Bridge over Thornhope Beck 1233096 II      
Castle Hill Farmhouse 1232648 II      
Chatterley Farmhouse 1233333 II      
Cherry Tree House 1233092 II      
Cleadon House 1232908 II      
Coach House to Demesne Hall 1276773 II      
Collins Tomb Circa 4 Metres South of Church of St Mary and St Stephen 1276868 II      
Cottage North West of Low Harperley Farmhouse 1232641 II      
Demesne Hall 1233108 II      
East Biggins Farmhouse and Barns Attached 1232680 II      
Farm Building North of Wiserley Hall Farmhouse 1276677 II      
Farmbuilding Attached to Redgate House Farmhouse 1232660 II      
Fawnlees House 1233160 II      
Former Chapel and Buildings Adjoining 1233107 II      
Former Primitive Methodist Chapel 1233234 II      
Former Railway Station 1276642 II      
Former School Attached to Former Chapel 1276836 II      
Former Smithy South of Old Park Farmhouse 1232623 II      
Former Wesleyan Methodist Chapel 1232909 II      
Gate Piers, Gates and Retaining Walls to Church of St Mary and St Stephen 1232663 II      
Gazebo in Garden of Fawnlees House, with Walls Adjoining 1233098 II      
Gin Gang and Barn North of Scotch Isle Farmhouse 1276936 II      
Granary Cottage and Adjoining Farm Buildings of Bradley Burn Farmhouse 1232524 II      
Greenwell Farmhouse 1276981 II      
Group of 5 Graves Immediately South of Church of St Mary and St Stephen 1232902 II      
Harperley Hall 1232522 II      
Harthope Farm Byre and Barn Ranges with Dovecote 1233329 II      
High Doctor Pasture Farmhouse 1233103 II      
Holebeck Farmhouse and Byre 1232708 II      
Holy Well West of Holywell Farmhouse 1276636 II      
Holywell Farmhouse, Byre and Carthouse 1276624 II      
Ivy House 1276767 II      
Little Redgate Farmhouse 1276917 II      
Loft and Stable to South of Sandy Carr Farmhouse 1276976 II      
Low Fawnlees Farmhouse 1233184 II      
Mackintosh Tomb Circa 9 Metres East of Church of St Mary and St Stephen 1232903 II      
Milestone Circa 100 Metres South of Junction with Track to Park Wall Farm, in Lay by 1232574 II      
Milestone in Front of Number 12 1233088 II      
Old Bank House 1233073 II      
Old Park Farmhouse and Well House Attached 1277004 II      
Outbuilding South of Baal Hill House 1232906 II      
Outbuildings North of Demesne Hall 1233109 II      
Outbuilidng to East of Bishop Oak 1233210 II      
Privy to Rear of Wiserley Hall Farmhouse 1233327 II      
Redgate House Farmhouse 1276978 II      
Rivendell 1276975 II      
Sandy Carr Farmhouse 1276923 II      
School South East of Church of St Thomas 1233310 II      
Shelter Shed South East of Wiserley Farmhouse 1276679 II      
Shelter Shed to Bradley Burn Farmhouse, West of Bradley Burn Bridge 1232578 II      
Snipe Gate Bridge 1276982 II      
South Building of Weardale Steel (Wolsingham) Limited 1232638 II      
Stable Block of Fawnlees House and Mounting Block 1233097 II      
Sunniside Farmhouse and Adjoining Farm Buildings 1232625 II      
The Surgery and Mounting Block 1276691 II      
Thompson Tomb Circa 8 Metres West of Church of St Mary and St Stephen 1276983 II      
Thornley Hall 1233359 II      
Thornley War Memorial 1440578 II      
Tunstall House Farmhouse 1233101 II      
Wall Enclosing Yard of Church of St Mary and St Stephen 1232904 II      
Wall on West Side of Garden to Rear of Whitfield House 1233062 II      
Webb Tomb Circa 6 Metres South West of Church of St Mary and St Stephen 1276867 II      
West Lodge 1276971 II      
Whitfield House Cottage 1232911 II      
Wiserley Hall Farmhouse 1233325 II      

Primary source: the National Heritage List for England - NHLE is the register of nationally protected historic buildings and sites in England, including listed buildings, scheduled monuments, protected wrecks, registered parks and gardens, and battlefields. The list is maintained by Historic England. Check NHLE for updates and new entries.
Secondary sources: British Listed Buildings and Keys to the Past.

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