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Historic Buildings and Monuments in Alnwick

Listed buildings and scheduled monuments in Alnwick from the National Heritage List for England[1]. There are a lot of them! Use the Search (below) if looking for a specific building / monument.

Structure List No. Grade Built~ Note
Camp on Alnwick Moor 1006474 n/a   Scheduled monument
Alnwick Castle - Grounds 1001041  I C18th Listed parks and gardens
No. 1 and 2 Pottergate and 5 Northumberland Street 1178597 II    
Nos. 1 and 3, Bondgate Without 1041527 II    
No. 1, Bailiffgate 1371332  II* C18th  
No. 1, Bondgate Within 1041522 II    
No. 1, Hotspur Street 1371358 II    
No. 1, Percy Terrace 1041453 II    
No. 1, South Street 1371362 II    
Nos. 1-3, Croft Place 1041502 II    
Nos. 1-3, Northumberland Street 1041434 II    
Nos. 1-5, Narrowgate 1041466 II    
Nos. 1-7, Prudhoe Street 1041402 II    
Nos. 10 and 11, Percy Terrace 1371376 II    
10 Boundary Stones on Boundary with Alnwick Civil Parish 1042024 II C18th  
No. 10, Bondgate Within 1041515 II    
No. 10, Bondgate Without 1041488 II    
No. 10, Market Place 1157160 II    
No. 10, Market Street 1371349 II    
No. 11, Market Street 1302532 II    
No. 11, Narrowgate 1371370 II    
Nos. 12 and 14, Bondgate Within 1371337 II    
Nos. 12 and 14, Bondgate Without 1371322 II    
Nos. 12 and 14, Green Batt 1371355 II    
No. 12, Market Street 1157250 II    
Nos. 13 and 15, Bailiffgate 1041511 II    
Nos. 13 and 15, Market Street 1371346 II    
No. 13, Canongate 1156264 II    
No. 13, Percy Terrace 1178546 II    
Nos. 13-17, Bondgate Without 1041485 II    
Nos. 13-17, Howick Street 1041449 II    
Nos. 14 and 16, Saint Michael's Lane 1178616 II    
No. 14, Bailiffgate 1041506 II    
No. 14, Fenkle Street 1041469 II    
No. 14, Walkergate 1178706 II    
Nos. 15-19, Fenkle Street 1041473 II    
Nos. 16 and 18, Fenkle Street 1041470 II    
No. 16, Bondgate Within 1156031 II    
No. 16, Narrowgate 1371372 II    
Nos. 16-20, Bailiffgate 1371331 II    
Nos. 17 and 19, Bailiffgate 1041512 II    
Nos. 17 and 19, Market Street 1157167 II    
No. 18, Narrowgate 1041428 II    
Nos. 19 and 21, Howick Street 1371343 II    
No. 19, Clayport Street 1041495 II    
Nos. 19-23, Green Batt 1302641 II    
Nos. 1a and 1b, Bailiffgate 1041509 II    
No. 1c, Bailiffgate 1371333 II    
Nos. 2 and 3, Percy Street 1041436 II    
Nos. 2 and 4, Clayport Street 1156387 II    
Nos. 2 and 4, Lisburn Street 1041451 II    
2 Boundary Stones on Boundary with Alnwick Civil Parish 1054068 II C18th  
No. 2, Bailiffgate 1041547  II* 1797  
No. 2, Bondgate Within 1371336 II    
No. 2, Hotspur Street 1302606 II    
No. 2, Percy Terrace 1178534 II    
Nos. 2-6, Chapel Lane 1041493 II    
Nos. 20 and 22, Green Batt 1041480 II    
Nos. 20 and 22, Narrowgate 1371373 II    
No. 20, Bondgate Without 1041489 II    
No. 20, Fenkle Street 1371353 II    
No. 21, Bailiffgate 1371335 II    
Nos. 22 and 24, Saint Michael's Lane 1041404 II    
No. 22, Bondgate Without 1371323 II    
No. 22, Fenkle Street 1041471 II    
Nos. 22-26, Bailiffgate 1041507 II    
No. 23, Clayport Street 1302926 II    
Nos. 24 and 26, Walkergate 1371364 II    
No. 24, Fenkle Street 1371369 II    
No. 24, Howick Street (Upper) 1041447 II    
Nos. 25 and 25a, Clayport Street 1041496 II    
No. 25, Green Batt 1178480 II    
Nos. 26 and 28, Fenkle Street 1041424 II    
No. 27, Fenkle Street 1156885  II* C19th  
Nos. 28 and 30, Bailiffgate 1041508 II    
No. 28, Narrowgate 1041430 II    
Nos. 3 and 5, Hotspur Street 1371340 II    
No. 3, Fenkle Street 1371354 II    
No. 3, South Street 1178628 II    
No. 3, Walkergate 1041412 II    
No. 30, Narrowgate 1041431 II    
No. 31, Fenkle Street 1041475 II    
Nos. 33 and 35, Market Street 1041463 II    
No. 34, Green Batt 1156934 II    
Nos. 36 and 38, Green Batt 1156959 II    
No. 36, Narrowgate 1041433 II    
No. 37, Fenkle Street 1041476 II    
No. 37, Market Street 1371348 II    
No. 39, Bondgate Within 1156071 II    
No. 39, Fenkle Street 1156891 II    
Nos. 4 and 5, Percy Street 1041437  II* C19th  
Nos. 4 and 5, Percy Terrace 1041440 II    
Nos. 4 and 6, Bondgate Within 1303079 II    
Nos. 4 and 6, Market Street 1157246 II    
No. 4, Bailiffgate 1371311 II    
No. 4, Grey Place 1371357 II    
No. 4, South Street 1371363 II    
Nos. 41 and 43, Bondgate Within 1041524 II    
Nos. 45 and 47, Bondgate Without 1371320 II    
No. 46, Bondgate Within 1041518 II    
No. 47, Bondgate Within 1156078 II    
No. 48, Bondgate Within 1303056 II    
Nos. 49 and 51, Bondgate Within 1041525 II    
Nos. 5 and 7, Bailiffgate 1041510 II    
Nos. 5 and 7, Bondgate Within 1156060 II    
No. 5, Walkergate 1041413 II    
Nos. 5-11, Howick Street 1371342 II    
Nos. 50 and 52, Bondgate Within 1041519 II    
No. 52, Bondgate Without 1041490 II    
No. 54, Bondgate Within 1041520 II    
No. 56, Bondgate Within 1156054 II    
Nos. 58 and 60 Bondgate Within 1041521 II    
Nos. 6 and 7, Percy Street 1178496 II    
Nos. 6 and 8, Bailiffgate 1041548 II    
No. 6, Fenkle Street 1371352 II    
No. 6, Lisburn Street 1041452 II    
Nos. 67 and 67a, Bondgate Within 1041526 II    
Nos. 69-75, Bondgate Within 1302987 II    
Nos. 7 and 9, Clayport Street 1156342 II    
Nos. 7 and 9, Market Street 1041461 II    
No. 7, Walkergate 1041414 II    
Nos. 7-13, Lisburn Street 1302566 II    
Nos. 8 and 9, Percy Street 1371374 II    
Nos. 8 and 9, Percy Terrace 1302392 II    
No. 8, Bondgate Within 1041514 II    
No. 8, Bondgate Without 1371321 II    
No. 8, Market Street 1041465 II    
Nos. 8-10, Prudhoe Street 1302349 II    
Nos. 8-12, Lisburn Street 1302563 II    
Nos. 8-14, Narrowgate 1041427 II    
Nos. 8-16, Howick Street 1371341 II    
Nos. 9 and 11, Bailiffgate 1371334 II    
Nos. 9, 10, and 10A, Paikes Lane 1041435 II    
Alnbank House 1041542 II    
Alndyke 1041544 II    
Alnwick Baptist Church 1041454 II 1830s Lisburn Street
Bali Hai 1371375 II    
Barndale Cottage 1041450 II    
Barndale House 1371344 II    
Black Swan Public House 1041429 II    
Blakelaw Cottage 1156008 II    
Bondgate Hall 1302989  II* c.1810 Bondgate Without
Boundary Stone on Boundary with Alnwick Civil Parish 320 Metres West of Summit Cottages 1054055 II    
Boundary Stone on Boundary with Alnwick Civil Parish 360 Metres South South East of Freemanshill 1371087 II    
Boundary Stone on Boundary with Alnwick Civil Parish 480 Metres North of the Union Stone 1371079 II    
Burgage walls between No 5 and Cornmarket Market Street and between No 5 and the Terrace on east sid 1371351 II    
Camphill Column 1041409  II* 1814 Swansfield Park
Camphill Cottage 1178645 II    
Canongate Bridge 1041491  I 1821 Bridge over the River Aln
Church of St James (Presbyterian) 1178598 II 1894 Pottergate. By Hicks & Charlewood
Church of St Michael 1041546  I C15th Some reminants of C12th church 
Church of St Paul 1041438  II* 1846 RC church by Anthony Salvin
Churchyard Gates of the Church of St Mary and St Michael 1371310 II    
Clive Cottage 1041500 II    
Clive House 1156422 II    
Clive Terrace (1-8) 1156404 II    
Coates the Printers 1372335 II    
Column Cottage 1371300 II    
Corner Cafe 1041456 II    
Council Office 1302312 II    
County House 1157179 II    
Crown Public House 1041462 II    
Doric House 1178507 II    
Dorothy Foster Court 1041426 II    
Dorothy Foster's House 1371371  II* C18th No. 35, Narrowgate
Dukes Cottages 1371359 II    
Easycare Centre 1041459 II    
Eyecatcher in Swansfield Park Wall West Side Near 'Eastview' 1041410 II    
Forest Lodge and Stockingate 1041403 II    
Former Correction House Yard at Rear of No 34 1371356 II    
Former Malthouse to North of No 20 1041505 II    
Former Pant 1041503 II    
Former Railway Terminus 1041411 II 1887 Former station, now Barter Books
Former Sion Meeting House 1371361 II    
Former Workhouse and Keeper's House 1041482 II    
Fountain in Garden to South of Linhope House 1041408 II    
Freelands 1041543 II    
Freeman's Hill Farmhouse 1041545 II    
Garden Wall on North and East Sides of Green Batt House and Gate Piers 1302646 II    
Garden Walls and Gates to Linhope House Closing East End of South Street 1178633 II    
Gardeners Cottage Near West Entrance to Castle Kitchen Garden 1302933 II    
Gate Piers and Gates to the Parish Church of St Paul 1041439 II    
Gates, Railings and Steps to Sheraton House 1371326 II    
Gateway (To Castle Grounds) Opposite Lodge to Allerburn 1156488 II    
General Lambert's House 1041425  II* C19th Nos. 31 & 33, Narrowgate
Glebelands Lodge 1041479 II    
Green Batt House 1041478 II    
Grosvenor Terrace (1 and 2) 1041498 II    
Grosvenor Terrace (3, 4 and 5) 1041499 II    
Grove House 1041446 II    
Happy Haven 1041406 II    
Herds House Farmhouse 1371309 II    
High Pant (Clayport Bank) 1041501 II    
Hope House Kincraig 1371378 II    
Hope House 1156979 II    
Hope Lodge 1178594 II    
Houses Occupied by Mr Wilkinson and Mr Sparks 1371328 II    
Howick House 1041448 II    
Kitchen Garden Walls 1371325 II    
Linhope House 1041407 II    
Lloyds Bank 1041517 II    
Loan End 1041441 II    
Lodge and Gates at Alnwick Cemetery 1372336 II    
Lovaine Place 1041443 II    
Lovaine Place 1371377 II    
Market Cross 1157108 II    
Methodist Church 1302938 II    
N and B Pringles 1371345 II    
No 20 and Mill at Rear 1041504 II    
North Chapel at Alnwick Cenetery 1237596 II    
Northumberland Hall (Assembly Rooms) 1041460  I 1826 Now incorporates the Tourist Information Centre
Number 2, the Tanners Arms and Numbers 4 and 6 1041483 II    
Number 39 Including the Hat Shop 1302503 II    
Outhouse to South East of St Thomas's Farmhouse 1371327 II    
Pant 1041445 II    
Pant Outside Westgate House 1041497 II 1755 Clayport Street
Percy House 1041442 II    
Percy Tenantry Column 1041405  I 1816  
Percy Villa 1178569 II    
Piers and Railings in Front of the Roman Catholic Church of St Mary 1371330 II    
Pottergate Tower 1041444  II* 1768  
Queens Head Hotel 1371347 II    
Rear Elevation of Number 6 Fenkle Street 1041457 II    
Retaining Wall to Churchyard 1371324 II    
Retaining Walls 1178700 II    
Robertsons Pant 1156086 II 1890 Bondgate Within
Roman Catholic Church of St Mary 1155951 II 1856 Now Bailiffgate Museum
Savings Bank 1178611 II    
Sheraton House 1156308 II    
South Chapel at Alnwick Cemetery 1052194 II    
South Road 1178621 II    
St Marys Chantry (Ruins) 1041415  II* c.1448  
St Michael's Pant 1041464  II* 1765 Market Street
St Thomas's Farmhouse 1156451 II    
Stables South West of Bondgate Hall 1041528 II    
Steele's Gift Shop 1157155 II    
Stonewall Lane South Wall 1041474 II    
Terrace of 4 Houses on West Side to North of Wall an Drear of No 2 Green Batt 1041468 II    
Terrace on East Side and at Rear of No 39 Market Place 1371350 II    
Alnwick Castle, Stable Court and Covered Riding School Including West Wall of Riding School 1371308  I C12th  
The Co-Op 1041458 II    
Corn Exchange 1371338 II    
Cross House 1041467 II    
Dukes School 1391457 II    
Fleece Inn 1041486 II    
The George Public House 1371339 II    
The Globe Inn 1041523 II    
Hotspur Gateway or Bondgate Tower 1041513  I C15th Also a Scheduled monument 1006597
The Kennels 1302866 II    
The Kiln 1178449 II    
The Lion Bridge 1178596  I 1775 Bridge over the River Aln
Market Tavern 1041472 II    
Nag's Head Public Head 1156866 II    
The Old Post Office 1041494  II* C19th Clayport Street
The Pinfold 1041477 II    
Victoria Infants School 1041455 II    
White Swan Hotel 1041516 II C19th Features fixtures from the SS Olymic (sister ship of the Titanic)
Town Hall 1157140  I 1731  
Wall at Rear of Number 22 1041481 II    
Wall Between Number 14 and Former Workhouse in Green Batt 1041484 II    
Wall to South of Methodist Church 1392479 II    
Walls Enclosing Yard at Rear of Number 8 to North and East 1156024 II    
War Memorial 1041487 II 1922 Denwick Lane / Bondgate Without
Water Tower on West Side of Kitchen Garden 1041492 II    
West Wing of the Convent of the Sisters of Mercy 1371312 II    
William the Lion Commemorative Stone and Wall to Each Side 1371360 II    
Ye Olde Cross Public House 'Dirty Bottles' 1041432 II C17th Narrowgate

Primary source: the National Heritage List for England - NHLE is the register of nationally protected historic buildings and sites in England, including listed buildings, scheduled monuments, protected wrecks, registered parks and gardens, and battlefields. The list is maintained by Historic England. Check NHLE for updates and new entries. Secondary sources: British Listed Buildings and Keys to the Past.

Alnwick Castle
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Alnwick Castle
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Percy Tenantry Column
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White Swan Hotel
Old Town Hall
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Old Town Hall
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Northumberland Hall
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Camphill Column, Alnwick
The Dirty Bottles
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The Dirty Bottles
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Church of St Paul, Alnwick
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Robertson's Pant, Alwick
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Robertson's Pant, Alwick
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Pant on Clayport Street, Alnwick
Alnwick Baptist Church
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Alnwick Baptist Church
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St James' URC Church, Alnwick
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St James' URC Church, Alnwick
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