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Leemailing Township, 1848

LEEMAILING, a township, in the parish and union of Bellingham, N. W. division of Tindale ward, S. division of Northumberland, 1 mile (W.N.W.) from Bellingham; containing 325 inhabitants. The township comprises 4,274 acres, and is bounded on the north by the North Tyne river, which sweeps round two-thirds of it, high and rugged rocks skirting portions of the township in the opposite direction; the land is mostly heath and sheep-walks, but such parts as are in cultivation produce good crops. There are limestone and freestone quarries; iron-ore is found, and the remains of a furnace for smelting it, used in the reign of William III., are visible. Hesleyside, in the township, has been in the possession of the Charltons from the time of Richard II., who is recorded to have lent the sum of £100 to an ancestor of the family: the Hall is a handsome structure of white freestone, commanding a varied prospect embracing the picturesque scenery along the vale of the Tyne; attached is a neat Roman Catholic chapel. Lee Hall is beautifully situated near the river, which abounds with trout.

Extract from: A Topographical Dictionary of England comprising the several counties, cities, boroughs, corporate and market towns, parishes, and townships..... 7th Edition, by Samuel Lewis, London, 1848.

Bellingham (St. Cuthbert) Parish, 1848


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