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Historic Buildings and Monuments in Staindrop

Listed buildings and scheduled monuments in Staindrop Civil Parish, County Durham, from the National Heritage List for England[1]. Use the Search (below) if looking for a specific building / monument.

Structure List No. Grade Built~ Note
The Old Vicarage and the Surgery 1338631 II    
Staindrop House Rest Home and Wall with Gateway Attached 1121754 II    
1 and 2, North Green 1310572 II    
1, Beech Side 1121786 II    
1, Office Square 1310422 II    
10, South Green 1121730 II    
11, 12 and 13, West Terrace 1121739 II    
11, Front Street 1121788 II    
13, Front Street 1160118 II    
14, Office Square 1121771 II    
15-18, Office Square 1338623 II    
17 and 19, Front Street 1310703 II    
2, Front Street 1338615 II    
24, North Green 1121767 II    
25 and 26, North Green 1160654 II    
25 and 27, Front Street 1338632 II    
27, North Green 1338620 II    
28, North Green 1160684 II    
29, Front Street 1121790 II    
29, North Green 1121768 II    
3, Front Street 1160108 II    
3, North Green 1121761 II    
3, West Terrace 1121737 II    
32, North Green 1338621 II    
39, Front Street 1121791 II    
4, Front Street 1121753 II    
45, Front Street 1338593 II    
46 and 47, North Green 1160695 II    
47 and 49, Front Street 1365633 II    
5 and 6, North Green 1160499 II    
5, Front Street 1338630 II    
5, Office Square 1310432 II    
50, 51 and 52, North Green 1121769 II    
51, Front Street 1121792 II    
53, Front Street 1160199 II    
54 and 55, North Green 1160720 II    
6 and 8, Front Street 1338616 II    
7, Front Street 1121787 II    
Amberly House and Eale's House 1121735 II    
Anvil House 1310520 II    
Caretaker's Flat and Stable, with Adjacent Piers, to No.20 1310474 II    
Central Buildings 1121759 II    
Church Bridge over Langley Beck 1160070 II    
Church of St Mary 1338594  I C12th C8th foundations
Church View 1121757 II    
Claremont and Brierdene 1310345 II    
Dovecote Attached to No. 32 1160883 II    
Drinking Fountain Approximately 16 Metres East of Central Buildings 1160393 II    
East Masham House and West Masham House 1121763 II    
Ebor House 1338618 II    
Field Byre C.50 Metres East of Staindrop Cemetery 1310722 II    
Former Chapel 1160779 II    
Former King's Arms Inn 1310596 II    
Garden House 1160933 II    
Garden Wall Along West Side of Garden to South of Nos. 11 and 12 1121731 II    
Garden Walls Enclosing Orchard and Garden South-East of Garden House, with Piers 1121740 II    
Gate Piers, Gates and Overthrow C.200 Metres North-East of Church of St Mary 1121752 II    
Gates Piers and Gates C.50 Metres South-West of Church of St. Mary 1121751 II    
Gazebo Approximately 100 Metres North of No. 4 1121762 II    
Glebe House 1160842 II    
Glen Rae and Zetland 1121738 II    
Gorst Hall 1322718 II    
Group of 4 Headstones Approximately 5 Metres West of Church of St. Mary 1338614 II    
Hazledene and Neville House 1160836 II    
Hilrie 1121732 II    
Ivy House 1121772 II    
Lucknow and Lyndhurst 1121736 II    
Milestone Approximately 10 Metres North of No. 34 South Green 1121758 II    
Mulberry House 1338622 II    
Musgrave House and Anthorn House 1121729 II    
Necessary House Approximately 30 Metres West of No. 32, and Wall Attached. 1121734 II    
No 21 and Garden Wall Attached 1121789 II    
No. 32 (Incorporating No.33) (The Deanery) and N0.34 (Garth Cottage), and Wall Attached 1160866 II    
No.9 Including Area Wall and Railings 1160111 II    
North Green 1160531 II    
Ormulz House 1121764 II    
Piers, Gates, Railings and Walls Around Vane Mausoleum at Church of St. Mary 1310653 II    
Primitive Methodist Chapel 1160151 II    
Quakers' Rest 1338619 II    
Raby Estate Office 1121770 II    
Raby House 1160590 II    
Sherwood House 1160166 II    
South Entrance Gateway to Raby Castle 1338629 II    
Staindrop Hall 1121755 II    
Stangarth 1322717 II    
Strathmore and Greystone House 1322719 II    
Summerhouse C.60 Metres West of No. 32 1121733 II    
The Lindens 1160486 II    
The Mill 1121760 II    
The Royal Oak 1365629 II    
Vane Mausoleum Approximately 100 Metres North of Church of St. Mary 1121793 II    
Wall Attached to Gazebo Behind No. 4 1338617 II    
Wall Attached to No. 15 with Coach-House Attached 1121765 II    
Wall, Gateway, Carriage-House and Stable Attached 1121756 II    
Walls and Piers to South and East of No.21 1310491 II    
Wesley House and Reklaw House 1160790 II    
Western House 1160902 II    
Westfield House 1121766 II    
Woodcrest 1310374 II    
Raby Castle Grounds 1000732  II*   Listed Park and Garden. Partly in this parish

Primary source: the National Heritage List for England - NHLE is the register of nationally protected historic buildings and sites in England, including listed buildings, scheduled monuments, protected wrecks, registered parks and gardens, and battlefields. The list is maintained by Historic England. Check NHLE for updates and new entries.
Secondary sources: British Listed Buildings and Keys to the Past.

Staindrop Civil Parish


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