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Historic Buildings and Monuments in Skelton Civil Parish, Cumbria

Listed buildings and scheduled monuments in Skelton Civil Parish, Cumbria, from the National Heritage List for England[1]. Use the Search (below) if looking for a specific building / monument.

Structure List No. Grade Built~ Note
Barn North East of Whitrigg 1244419 II    
Barn North West of Whitrigg 1145460 II    
Barn Opposite Home Farmhouse 1210974 II    
Barn South of Hutton Grange 1145456 II    
Boundary Stone South East of Morton 1326714 II    
Chapel Cottage 1145463 II    
Church of St James 1210813 II 1714 Hutton-in-the-Forest
Church of St Michael 1210931 II C14th Skelton
Clark's Farm and Stables 1210894 II    
Coach House North West of Unthank Hall 1145433 II    
Courtyard Walls and Stable Ranges North of Hutton in the Forest Hall 1326711 II    
Crown Farmhouse and Barns Adjoining 1326716 II    
Dovecote North of Hutton in the Forest Hall 1145458 II    
Entrance Gateway and Walls North West of Hutton in the Forest 1145459 II    
Former Barn 30 Metres to South West of Hardrigg Hall 1262193 II    
Former Entrance Gates and Walls East of Hutton in the Forest Hall 1210846 II    
Garden Gate, Piers and Wall Immediately North of Eighteenth Century Wing of High Head Castle 1145452  II*   High Head Castle
Garden Wall and Gateway East of Hutton in the Forest Hall 1210843  I    
Gate Piers Beside the Lodge North of High Head Castle 1145455 II   High Head Castle
Gate Piers in Front of Unthank Hall 1145432 II    
Gatehouse and Curtain Wall of Scales Hall 1210936  I    
Gateway, Wall and Railings at Former Entrance North East of Unthank Hall 1210964 II    
Grassnop and Barns Adjoining 1326710 II    
Hardrigg Hall Farmhouse, with Tower, Barn and Stables Adjoining 1145449 II    
High Head Castle Eighteenth Century Wing 1145451  II*   High Head Castle
High Head Chapel 1290307 II   High Head Castle
Home Farmhouse and Former Stables 1145434 II    
Hutton Grange 1210777 II    
Hutton in the Forest Hall 1210817  I C14th  
Ive Bank 1210866 II    
Lamonby Hall 1290248 II    
Lamonby House and Barns Adjoining 1145461 II    
Laundry Cottage 1326737 II    
Linton Gill 1262195 II    
Linton Gill Farmhouse and Adjoining Dairy and Barn 1210880 II    
Methodist Church 1210940 II    
Pringle House and Barns Adjoining 1326708 II    
Roadside Walls North of Entrance Gateway, North West of Hutton in the Forest Hall 1365727 II    
Roehill 1145450 II    
Rushgill House 1145465 II    
Scales Hall and Barn Adjoining 1210925  I    
Servants' Wing North West of High Head Castle Eighteenth Century Wing 1145454 II   High Head Castle
The Arches 1326709 II    
The Beeches and Barn Adjoining 1145462 II    
The Old Vicarage 1391483 II    
Tudor Wing West of High Head Castle 1145453  II*   High Head Castle
Unthank Farmhouse and Barns Adjoining 1210972 II    
Unthank Hall 1145431 II    
Unthank House and Former Barns Adjoining 1290259 II    
Wall and Gateways to St James Churchyard 1145457 II    
War Memorial Lychgate, St Michael's Churchyard 1412139 II 1920 Skelton
Well North West of Hutton Grange 1290316 II    
Wharton Bridge 1326713 II C18th Ivegill. Packhorse Bridge
Whitrigg 1326712 II    
Wood End Farmhouse and Barn Adjoining 1326715 II    
Yew Tree House and Barns Adjoining 1145464 II    
Hutton-in-the-Forest Grounds 1000666 II c18th Listed Park and Garden

Primary source: the National Heritage List for England - NHLE is the register of nationally protected historic buildings and sites in England, including listed buildings, scheduled monuments, protected wrecks, registered parks and gardens, and battlefields. The list is maintained by Historic England. Check NHLE for updates and new entries. Secondary sources: British Listed Buildings.

Skelton Civil Parish High Head Castle Church of St Michael, Skelton War Memorial Lychgate, Skelton Packhorse Bridge, Ivegill Hutton-in-the-Forest Hall Church of St James, Hutton-in-the-Forest Hutton-in-the-Forest Grounds
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War Memorial Lychgate, Skelton
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War Memorial Lychgate, Skelton
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Church of St James, Hutton-in-the-Forest
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High Head Castle
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