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Historic Buildings and Monuments in Raby with Keverstone

Listed buildings and scheduled monuments in Raby with Keverstone Civil Parish, County Durham, from the National Heritage List for England[1]. Use the Search (below) if looking for a specific building / monument.

Structure List No. Grade Built~ Note
Bath House Cottage Approximately 10 Metres North of Bath House 1121783 II    
Bath House in Wood 1160046 II    
Boundary Stone Approximately 330 Metres East of Bath Wood 1121785 II    
Boundary Stone Approximately 40 Metres North-West of the Cabin 1338628 II    
Boundary Stone Approximately 50 Metres West of East End of Bath Wood 1160060 II    
Byre House 1121779 II    
Cistern in Walled Garden 1310785 II    
County bridge marker approximately 100 metres south of Spinkford Bridge 1310240 II C19th Partly in this parish.
Dutch Barn C. 300 Metres North of Stables and Coach House 1121777  II*    
Farm Buildings North of Raby Hill Farmhouse 1338627 II    
Footbridge Approximately 20 Metres South-East of Bath House 1310742 II    
Former Cart Horse Stables Attached to Byre House 1310780 II    
Garden Walls and Gateway with Fig-House Attached 1121780 II    
Gardener's House in Walled Garden 1121781 II    
Gas House 1310898 II    
Gate Piers and Walls, Formerly to Low Keverstone 1338605 II    
Keverstone Grange Farmhouse with Outbuildings Attached 1310908 II    
Milestone Approximately C.800 Metres North of Church Bridge, Staindrop 1121814 II    
Milestone C.200 Metres South-East of Keverstone Grange Farmhouse 1159748 II    
North Gatehouse and Walls Attached Enclosing Castle; Gate House Formerly Listed As 'Porter's Lodge' 1338626  I    
North Lodges to Raby Castle, with North Quadrant Wall Attached, and Gates 1338604 II    
Piers and Walls North-East of Hunting Stables, Attached to Walled Garden 1121782 II    
Raby Castle 1338625  I C14th  
Raby Hill Farmhouse 1121774 II    
Raby Home Farm with Walls Attached 1121775  II*    
Raby Park House and Butler Cottage and Outbuildings 1391549 II    
Riding School C.10 Metres North of Stables and Coach-House 1121778 II    
Stable Block North-East of Stables and Coach-House 1310772 II    
Stables and Coachhouse, with Wall and Mounting-Block Attached 1121776  II*    
Temple Approximately 350 Metres West of Raby Castle 1121784 II    
The Folly in Raby Park 1121773  II*    
The Hunting Stables, Attached to Walled Garden 1160037 II    
The Old Lodge 1338624  II* Medieval  
Raby Castle Grounds 1000732 II   Listed Park and Garden. Partly in this parish.

Primary source: the National Heritage List for England - NHLE is the register of nationally protected historic buildings and sites in England, including listed buildings, scheduled monuments, protected wrecks, registered parks and gardens, and battlefields. The list is maintained by Historic England. Check NHLE for updates and new entries. Secondary sources: British Listed Buildings and Keys to the Past.

Raby with Keverstone Civil Parish Raby Castle
Raby Castle
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Raby Castle
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