Acc 19646 - Marching to Treat from Emmerson Place via Shiremoor


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  • ss on June 18, 2022, 1:57 p.m.

    I'm guessing this photo was taken in 1967, a hot summer as can be seen by the lack of coats, after looking close;y at this photo I'm thinking that could be me, centre, between man wiping his brow and woman carrying black coat/bag, if it is not me its someone I went to school with unless this is Murton or Wellfield school marching to the treat field, it's a credit to the village of Shiremoor that this event still takes place, Shiremoor and the surrounding villages all attend, I don't know now how well the march from shiremoor middle school & first school is attended but back when I went in the mid 1960s just about every kid from school marched to the treat on Saturday morning, setting off at 12 noon, it was a grand site and the excitement was palatable, as you entered the fielded you handed in your ticket which allowed you a box of free cakes from the local bakery Clarks, if any kid from another area was visiting they got free cakes too, and you also got a free ice cream, there was a marque for tea and coffee for everyone, the finals of the inters-chools football and net-ball competitions, police dog displays, running races and a travelling fair with rides, the waltzer, twist, dodgems, and many side shows, rifle shooting, hook-a-duck, throw a bean bag, and several bingo stalls, everything you can think of it was there, back in the 1960s it would go on all nigh and close down by 8am for church attendees, everyone and I mean everyone attended, the very young sleeping in push chairs with mams coat over them, the very old sleeping in wheelchairs, mums and dads crashing dodgems in to each other, kids running wild until they ran out of steam and slept on the grass next to dad having a nap. Everyone in the area contributed in some way, businesses, the local pits, shopkeepers, there was and still is a treat committee run by Tommy Green RIP, as well as the treat's main organizer and unbelievable fund-raiser he worked at the local pit as a steam train driver His children now are very active members of the treat committee and like their dad raise money for the treat, hopefully the Treat will continue for many years to come, Shiremoor has expanded a lot since this photo was taken and has lost a lot of its village atmosphere when everyone knew everyone, according to the last census shiremoor's population is 4.700 so back in the mid 1960s it must have been under 2000 maybe around the 1.500 mark judging by maps of then and now so knowing literally everyone wasn't so amazing ,

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