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    Dedication slab from the south gate of the fort at Risingham dating to AD 205-7. This is RIB 1234, which reads [Impp(eratoribus) Caess(aribus) L(ucio)] / [Sept(imio) Severo Pio Pertin]/[aci Arab(ico) Adi]ab(enico) Part(h)[i]co maxi(mo) / co(n)s(uli) III et M(arco) Aurel(io) Antonino Pio / co(n)s(uli) II Augg(ustis) [[et P(ublio) Sept(imio) Getae nob(ilissimo) Caes(ari)]] / portam cum muris vetustate di/lapsis iussu Alfeni Senecionis v(iri) c(larissimi) / co(n)s(ularis) curante Oclatinio Advento proc(uratore) / Augg(ustorum) nn(ostrorum) coh(ors) I Vang(i)onum m(illiaria) eq(uitata) / cum Aem[i]l(io) Salviano trib(uno) / suo a solo restit(uit) or 'For the Emperor Caesars Lucius Septimius Severus Pius Pertinax Arabicus Adiabenicus Parthicus Maximus, thrice consul, and Marcus Aurelius Antoninus Pius, twice consul, Augusti, and Publius Septimius Geta, most noble Caesar, the gate and walls, collapsed through age, were restored from ground level by order of Alfenus Senecio, of senatorial rank, consular governor, by the First Cohort of Vangiones double-strength, part-mounted, under the charge of Oclatinius Adventus, procurator of our Emperors, along with its tribune, Aemilius Salvianus' Scanned from the 1867 3rd edition of The Roman Wall. Handbook p.100
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    What does this mean? Public Domain Mark
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