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    Kids at the Sanderson Children's Hospital, Newcastle, 1952 (Andrea in bed) This is taken in the Summer and we were brought outside and this man visited with his donkey and cart to give the kids a ride. I was in hospital for just over two years from the age of five to age seven. I had a hip bone disease called, Legg-Perthes Disease. The treatment in those days was to spend time laying in bed and not allowed to sit up too much, or to walk! My right leg (the affected leg) was encased in a plaster cast from toes to hip, and the left leg was in a cast up to the knee. (Not sure why the left leg was in a cast) I don't remember what or if there was other treatment. I remember going into surgery a couple of times, but not sure why. These days the treament for Perthes takes about two months or less and rarely do the kids have to go into hospital for it! It can cause a lot of pain for a lot longer than that though. I was one of the lucky ones and never had pain. At the end of the two years I was healed and led a normal life from then on. I was told that most kids with Perthes Hip end up with far I never have!
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