Wallsend Four!

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    This photo is important to me because this show the street where my Dad grew up in. I am going to get my story by getting answers for the questions I asked him. I got my dad to message everybody in this photo asking if I could use it. Fortunately they all said yes. I asked him various questions and here are the answers to some of them. Q1. Why is it special to you? A1. It was where I was born and I loved playing in the streets with friends. Q2.What was it like ate my age? A2. We played outside for most of the day as we didn't have IPhones or computers. Q3. Do you have any interesting stories about Wallsend? A3. When I was little someone took some photos of us playing outside and we have now found out that they are famous now and are seen in the Evening Chronicle. Q4. Do you think it was special to Tyneside? A4. Yes because it shows little kids playing outside and the big ship being built. Q5. How long did you live there for? A5. 12 years Q6. Do you prefer living there to where you live now? A5. Yes because that is where my childhood was.
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  • Phil Turner on March 3, 2015, 8:16 a.m.

    This old photo brought back a lot of memories for me too. While your dad had his photograph taken with his friends, I was an apprentice plater, working on the ship you can see in the background.

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