Jubilee Sweet Shop - Beamish 2011


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  • Hannah Sime on March 4, 2015, 6:36 p.m.

    My Mam (Kaye’s) Memory
    My spectacular mam-at the age of 10-went to Beamish on a school trip. She went down the coal mine and found it dark, damp and claustrophobic finding it rather scary. In her opinion she wouldn’t like to have been one of them unfortunate men/boys who had to work down there. She went to the sweet shop and watched them make toffee( recently when taking me we saw them hand-craft hard boiled sweets-they were delicious).
    This place is special to us because it is our past and it is a part of us. It also helps us learn about are very old ancestors. My mam thinks that Beamish is unique to Tyneside because it is a ‘trip to the past’ as my mam puts it.

    Me and my mam’s memory
    Me and my mam went to Beamish in the Easter holidays last year and it was amazing. We went all-over and my favourite part was the farm because I loved to see all the new born lambs. It was a sunny but nippy day and we sat and eat a picnic on the emerald green grass. I also played football with my younger brother Christopher and played a funny game of tag with Christopher and my dad. When we went to the sweet shop I bought my favourite type of sweets, pineapple cubes. Yummy! when we went this time my mam did not want to go back in the mine as she is much taller and bigger now. she thought it would be more scary.

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