Design For Work - Reel 2 (1958)

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    Reel 2. Man lifts milk churns onto back of lorry. C/U milk bottles. Milk man delivers milk to woman in row of country cottages. C/U woman smiling and chatting as she receives her two bottles of milk. Austin van going round corner near village green. Policeman and man chat outside building. Young boy and girl wave at Austin omni-coach which is being used as a school bus. They run from their house to climb into the minibus type vehicle with other school friends. The minibus pulls away from the house where the children's mother can be seen waving them off. The minibus travels along a country road. The children inside sit and talk to each other. More shots of the minibus on the road. Small Austin van driving past country church. A butcher's van (one of the Austin half ton range) pulls up outside shop. A horse and rider walk past. C/U man opening back of van. The school minibus continues on its journey. Inside one of the young girls waves to someone through the window. The local policeman can be seen to wave back. More shots of the children. The minibus pulls up outside the village school and the children get out and run into the playground. C/U woman rings school bell. Small fire engine drives down town street. Its bell is ringing. Inside shot of cab showing silhouettes of the firemen wearing their helmets. Firemen arrive at scene of fire. Smoke coming out of house. Fireman plays hose onto house. Firemen run from fire engine. C/U fireman spraying water. Interior of burning house two firemen wearing breathing apparatus carry injured man out. Flames are clearly visible. Exterior of house, the firemen carry the victim out while their colleagues continue to use their hoses. Two ambulance men help carry the man away. C/U fireman using hose. Man on stretcher carried away to ambulance accompanied by nurse. The man is loaded into the ambulance and the nurse climbs in alongside him. The firemen continued to spray water from their hoses onto the burning house. The ambulance drives through the streets. Inside the ambulance the nurse attends to the injured man. She checks his pulse. C/U ambulance driver. C/U speedometer seen through steering wheel. Ambulance continues its journey. Nurse continues to look at patient. C/U ambulance driver. The ambulance drives in to the hospital grounds. The injured man is lifted from the ambulance and carried into the Casualty ward. Austin articulated lorry drives along country road. C/U driver. The lorry continues on its journey through picturesque countryside. Lorries drive away from the building site. A man in the foreground picks up a hod full of bricks. (Quick sequence) Men working on hot metal lorry parts. Scientist looks at chemical liquid in tube. Ambulance on road. Scientist looking down microscope. Austin school mini bus. Scientist looking at results appearing on printout. C/U lorry wheels on cobbled test track. Man using machine tool to grind engine parts. Van going through splash test. Technician in cab noting times. Results of test drawn onto paper by machine. Man drawing on drawing board. Man looking intently at something. C/U dial. Drop hammer hitting red hot metal. Van pulling hard as it drives up hill. Austin Gypsy four wheel drive vehicle in field of sheep. Articulated lorry arrives at docks (Austin cars parked in background). Lots of different types of Austin lorry and van drive past Austin factory building. 'The years have proved, you can depend on an Austin' - says the voice over. The End. Produced by Associated British Pathe for the Austin Motor Company. Note: Colour is faded on this print and some parts are scratched. Never the less lots of nice shots. Reel 2 used to be reel 3. Documentation consists of script. 90,000 historic films, all SEARCHABLE on YouTube at: Join us on Facebook at: Tweet us @britishpathe FILM ID:1237.03
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