National Health Service Story - Including Interview With Stephen Taylor Mp. (1948)

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    London. National Health Service story - Including interview with Stephen Taylor, M.P. SCU. Man (Bill Chambers testing pair of spectacles by reading Post Office Guide). (3 shots). Removes specs and rubs eyes. CU. Bill Chambers putting on pair of glasses. ( 2 shots). MV. Eye testing board. MV. Optician placing lenses in testing glasses. (2 shots). Back views. SCU. Front view man doing likewise. CU. Chambers wearing testing glasses. Hands remove lens and place in rack. (2 shots). SCU. Workers stamping out lenses from glass prior to polishing. CU. Placing punched glass on pile. CU. Woman looking at bottle pan as she places it in first aid cabinet. (6 shots). CU. Contents of first aid cabinet. (4 shots). SCU. Cyril Hunt sitting at desk reading book. Closes book and takes off glasses. CU. Cyril Hunt reading book. (5 shots). CU. Glasses on desk. CU. Cyril Hunt putting glasses on and off. MV. Woman picking up bottle. (2 shots), CU. MS. Girls making spectacles (2 shots). CU. Girl making spectacles. MS. Man filing spectacles. (Rims). MS.CU. Lens being ground. MS. Girls polishing lenses. CU. Girl. SCU. Girl polishing lenses. MS.CU.MS. Girl placing lenses in rack. CU. Girls' hands at work. MS. Dispenser in laboratory, stirring mixture, CU. (2 shots). MV. Bottles on shelves. (8 shots). MS. Girls making spectacles, putting them in boxes. (4 shots). CU. Drawer of lenses being pulled out. MS. Dentures on shelf. (2 shots). MS. Dental mechanics at work. CU. Mechanic at work, pan down to work. CU. Mechanic at work. (2 shots). Holloway Prison: Fireplace of room in Holloway Prison. Dr. Stephen Taylor walks into room, stands by fireplace. (He is M.P. for Barnet and Herbert Morrison). MS. CU. Taylor speaking, NCU. NATURAL SOUND: Taylor speaking. 'So far the National Health Service has been getting along remarkably smoothly, indeed, far better than we had dared to hope'. (Repeat). NCU.'Millions of you got those spectacles you needed' (fluff). 'Millions of you have got the spectacles you needed and tens of millions of you have visited the doctor under the scheme and got your medicine, and hundreds and thousands of you have used hospital services and complaints have been very, very few indeed. Of course the strain has been heavy, particularly at the doctor's surgery but provided we're reasonable in our demands, particularly during the coming months when illness is always at its heaviest, there's no danger that the National Health Service will break down.' (Repeat from 'of course the strain' to end). (Orig.Neg.) 90,000 historic films, all SEARCHABLE on YouTube at: Join us on Facebook at: Tweet us @britishpathe FILM ID:2487.12
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