General Strike Number 1 (1926)

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    Events take place in various locations across Great Britain during General Strike. Title: "Labour organised a monster demonstration to Hyde Park". Until 01:00:45, shots are the same as those in Pathe Gazette story - MAYDAY 1926 - in G 1290. Please see separate record for details. Intertitle: "Idle pits everywhere". Various panning L/Ss of a deserted colliery. Intertitle: "City Men as Stokers ..." Until 01:03:15, shots same as story - CITY MEN AS STOKERS - in G 1290. See separate record for details. M/S of two newspaper vendors selling the 'Star' to a crowd of men, they hold posters which with the words 'no strike tonight' on. M/S of a submarine, floating on the surface, anchored next to a quayside. M/S of armed sailors boarding a dockside cruiser (possibly H.M.S. Delhi). Various L/Ss of a battleship anchored next to industrial docks. Various shots of a large battalion of troops - armed sailors - marching through the streets of a town. Crowds of curious civilians line the roads, judging by large hills in background looks like northern England or Scotland. Various shots of troops (sailors again?) guarding a deserted colliery. High angled shot of volunteers unloading cargo from a ship, a crane deposits large bundles in front of vans waiting on the quayside. High angled shot of a convoy of trucks, guarded by armed soldiers, carrying supplies of food, they drive past deserted rail tracks and crowds of people at the roadside. M/S of a queue of men - workers in flat caps - collecting strike pay from a man in military uniform behind a desk. Panning shot of deserted industrial docks. M/S of Union leaders and officials going in and coming out of a building. Panning M/S of a crowd of men, women and children waiting outside the building. More shots of Union men getting out of cars, going in and coming out of the building, press photographers wait to take their pictures. M/S of a group of men in civilian suits and army helmets standing to attention - some of the thousands of recruits to the civil constabulary reserve, nicknamed 'the tin hat police'. Various shots of the men doing training exercises in a church hall. Various shots of the men receiving their 'tin hats' and truncheons (note: there are some spacing between shots). M/S of one of the volunteer coppers standing next to his horse. More shots of men in church hall. M/S of mounted voluntary police in park, a man in a safari helmet gives them instructions. Intertitle: "All clear" C/U of railway signal changing. M/S of a steam engine pulling away from the platform. Intertitle: "Back to work". L/S of two industrial chimneys with smoke spilling out of them. M/S, taken from the courtyard of a factory, of workers coming through the main entrance. Various shots of tents and other equipment being dismantled in Hyde Park - a temporary food distribution centre. M/S of a truck being loaded with camping equipment. More shots of emergency distribution centre being dismantled in Hyde Park. Various shots of volunteers loading coal onto trucks from a heap in a park. Intertitle: "Strike Called Off. How London received the news!". Various shots of crowds of cheering people in the London streets. Intertitle: "Emergency no longer ... 'Khaki and Tin Hats' fade out for Scarlet and Gold". M/S of a battalion of armed troops marching past Buckingham Palace, dissolve to Royal Guard marching into Palace. Intertitle: "Everywhere. Full Speed Ahead for Peace and Prosperity. Hyde Park 'cleaned up'." More shots of tents being dismantled in Hyde Park. Intertitle: "All Clear". More shots of trains in stations, industrial chimneys, workers returning to factories - see record b for details. C/U of a poster asking for volunteers to keep essential services running. L/S of people sitting on suitcases outside 'Midland Grand Hotel'. Various shots of people queuing up to volunteer. M/S of sandwich board men advertising 'Railway Crisis - Go by Air Auro' and 'Clara Butt and Kennerley Rumford'. M/S of carts carrying milk churns coming out of a large wooden gate (a dairy?), a crowd waits outside and an army truck drives in. More shots of sandwich men in a London street. Panning shot of a long line of army trucks outside Hyde Park. L/S of hundred of milk churns lined up in Hyde Park, in front of Marble Arch. M/S of a man standing on the back of a truck full of milk churns, pan to show more milk carts and men unloading them, Marble Arch is in the background. M/S of two men loading churns onto an R.A.F. truck. L/S of people queuing, looks like outside National Gallery. M/S of off-duty soldiers relaxing and smoking in Hyde Park. More shots of the sandwich board men. More 90,000 historic films, all SEARCHABLE on YouTube at: Join us on Facebook at: Tweet us @britishpathe FILM ID:492.01
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