038789:Newcastle v Burnley match St. James Park Newcastle upon Tyne Unknown 1938


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  • Craig James on March 16, 2015, 9:09 a.m.

    Jack Craney:
    St james park questionaire

    1.why do you like st james park?

    Because its the home ground of the football team ive suportted since being litle.

    2.have you visitied st james park before if yes why and when?

    Yes plently of times whilst going up to watch NUFC play and I also used to get to watch the match for free when I worked at sheeras bar if there was any speare seats of course!

    3.how old were you when you first starded playing football?

    7 years old

    4. why do you like football?

    I first started to likke football because I used to watch it with my dad then I s.arted to play it and I really enjoyed it as it was fun and it kept you fit.

    5.do you think st james park will be bigger in the furture?

    No I dont think it will be bigger because there is no room!! :]

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