Rugby League Cup Final (1952)

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    Wembley, London, Middlesex. Rugby League Cup Final - Workington Town beat Featherstone Rovers 18-10. GV. Workington Town kick off from right to left. CU. No. 7, Pepperell being tackled, Pepperell passes ball to team mate who is tackled by Featherstone and brought down. J. Thomas receives ball, passes to No. 5, who goes to collect but No. 4 beats him to it. SV. No. 4 passes to No. 5, Wilson, who is brought down. CU. Man in hat shouting. SV. Welburn, No. 8 Featherstone, kicks back-heel to No.11, Workington who passes out to No.14, Ivison who passes to No.6, J. Thomas who passes to No. 7, Pepperell who passes to No.3, Paskins. Paskins runs through and passes to Lawrenson No. 2. CU. Two girls in crowd looking worried. LV. Lawrenson side-kicking the ball past defence, gathers ball and dives down near line for try for Workington. LV. Pan, Risman converting for Workington. SV. Crowd cheering. TV. Play. CU. Tennant, No. 4, Featherstone back-heeling to No. 8, Welburn. Welburn collects and passes to No.10, Daly who passes to team mate and is brought down by Workington player No.3, Paskins (lead up for penalty kick). SV. Men in crowd. TV. Miller, No. 1, kicking penalty goal for Featherstone. Ball through posts. SV. Crowd sit down and applaud. LV. Crowd applauding. (HALF TIME - score Workington 7: Featherstone 4). SV. No. 8, Welburn (Featherstone) back-heeling to No.12, Gant, who receives ball, passes to No.11 who passes back to No.12, Gant, who passes to No.9 Bradshaw, who passes to No. 8, Welburn, who passes to No.14 Lambert, who passes to No.3, Metcalfe, who immediately passes ball over to Batten, Batten charges his way through Workington defence and goes over line at corner flag. SV. Crowd cheering. CU. Woman in crowd shouting. LV. Pan, Mudge, No.11, Workington, scoring try for Workington. CU. Type in crowd smiling. GTV. Play, Workington attacking. Lawrenson, No. 2 receives ball then makes 70-yard sprint with ball for try between the posts. Touch-down. LV. Crowd applauding. LV. Mr. Anthony Eden (British Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs) presenting Rugby League Cup to Captain of Workington. SV. Crowd applauding. SV. Captain being chaired by team mates. CU. Captain being chaired holding Cup. (Orig.Neg) Also seen in play other players: Lambert (Featherstone Rovers) Ivison (Workington) Note: see also 52/34 Miners Outing - Water Haigh to Wembley Special FILM ID:4.17 A VIDEO FROM BRITISH PATHÉ. EXPLORE OUR ONLINE CHANNEL, BRITISH PATHÉ TV. IT'S FULL OF GREAT DOCUMENTARIES, FASCINATING INTERVIEWS, AND CLASSIC MOVIES. FOR LICENSING ENQUIRIES VISIT
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