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Historic Buildings and Monuments in Brampton, Cumbria

Listed buildings and scheduled monuments in Brampton Civil Parish, Carlisle, Cumbria from the National Heritage List for England[1]. Use the Search (below) if looking for a specific building / monument.

Structure List No. Grade Built~ Notes
No. 10, Longtown Road 1087635 II    
Nos. 12-22, Market Place 1087640 II    
Nos. 13, 15 and 17, Carlisle Road 1137063 II    
Nos. 15 and 16, Milton Village 1335559 II    
No. 4, Market Place 1137311 II    
No. 52, Front Street 1312488 II    
Nos. 54 and 56, Front Street 1087668 II    
No. 63, Main Street 1087638 II    
B Warwick Sporting Shop and Milburn and Son 1335551 II    
Bank Court 1087662 II    
Bank House 1087637 II    
Barclays Bank 1087667 II    
Barley Stack Inn 1087664 II    
Boat House East of Naworth Castle 1087644  I c.1520 Former bote (fuel) store for the castle
Brackenfell 1388267 II    
Brampton Sports, Flat Above and Antique Shop 1087671 II    
Breconhill 1087648 II    
Byre North East of Cumcatch 1312195 II    
Cambeck Bridge 1335527 II    
Capon Tree Monument 1335531 II    
Cartmell Mawson and Main, Solicitors Office 1137223 II    
Church Cottage 1087670 II    
Church House 1137072 II    
Church of St Martin (old church) 1087645  II* C12th On Roman site
Church of St Martin 1137170  I 1878 By Philip Webb
Cotehill Farmhouse 1312203 II    
Croft House 1335530 II    
Crooked Holme Farmhouse 1137634 II    
Cumcatch 1087649 II    
E and D Young, Jewellers, T and M Savage, Freezer Food Centre and Flat Above 1137221 II    
Flat 1335552 II    
Four Gables 1087651  II* 1879 House by by Philip Webb
Garth House 1087673 II    
Gatehouse East of Naworth Castle 1137508  I c.1520  
Gatepiers and Joining Wall, to South of Milton Lodge 1087642 II    
Gatepiers and Walls South of Castlesteads 1335560 II    
Greenlane House 1335528 II    
Harrison's Grocers and Flat Above 1137178 II    
Hollinstone Farmhouse 1137688 II    
Howard Arms Hotel 1335533 II    
Howard Memorial Shelter 1087647 II c.1930 The sands, Brampton
Irthing Bridge 1087659 II 1729 With later alterations
Jobson's Chemists and Midland Bank 1137364 II    
Jopsons Farm Shop 1137299 II    
Laurel House 1335555 II    
Lawson Masonic Hall 1087641 II    
Lodge South of Castlesteads 1087650 II    
Lodge to North East of Milton Hall 1137389 II    
Lorne Terrace 1335532 II    
Mark Terrace 1137284 II    
Mclelland Electrical Shop 1137107 II    
Middle Farmhouse 1335561 II    
Milestone at NGR NY 52180 62100 1335554 II    
Milestone at NGR NY 50500 60380 1087661 II    
Milestone at NGR NY 51910 59480 1335529 II    
Milestone at NGR NY 52130 60805 1087665 II    
Milestone at NGR NY 53650 61210 1087660 II    
Milestone at NGR NY 55250 61620 1087658 II    
Milestone at NGR NY 56690 61990 1335526 II    
Monument on Brampton Mote 1087663 II 1870 Statue of the 7th Earl of Carlisle
Moot Hall 1137330  II* 1817 Market Square
Mote Cottage 1137591 II    
Naworth Castle 1087643  I C13th Restored by Anthony Salvin in 1844.
New Bridge Hotel 1087634 II    
Old Church Farmhouse 1087646  II* C14th Former vicar's pele
Oulton House 1312504 II    
Police Station and Magistrates' Court 1087636 II    
Post Office 1087672 II    
Prince Charlie's House 1087632 II    
Prospect House 1087666 II    
Ridge House 1335553 II    
Rockingham Coffee House 1312430 II    
Scarrow Hill 1408870 II    
Scotch Arms Hotel 1335556 II    
Solway Bakery Company and Dental Surgery 1312373 II    
St Martins Hall 1087669 II    
The Hollies 1137291 II    
The Nag's Head Public House 1335558 II    
The Sewing Box 1087631 II    
Thompson Brothers Meals (Behind United Reformed Church) 1087639 II    
Tree House 1312219 II    
Trustee Savings Bank 1335557 II    
Walled Garden East of Naworth Castle 1137558 II    
White Lion Hotel 1087633 II    
Brampton Old Church Roman fort and the medieval Church of St Martin 1014586 n/a   Scheduled Monument
Bowl barrow 760m SSE of Old Church 1014584 n/a   Scheduled Monument
The Mote Castle mound, medieval motte castle and site of late medieval beacon 1013967 n/a   Scheduled Monument
Bowl barrow 710m south east of Old Church 1014583 n/a   Scheduled Monument
Tower Tye ringwork 1013969 n/a   Scheduled Monument
Romano-British farmstead and associated enclosure 770m ESE of Old Church 1014580 n/a   Scheduled Monument
Written Rock of Gelt: Roman quarry inscriptions 1014582 n/a Roman Scheduled Monument
Boothby Roman fort 1014585 n/a Roman Scheduled Monument
Four Romano-British farmsteads 370m south east of Old Church 1015420 n/a   Scheduled Monument
Lanercost Bridge 1007105 n/a c.1724 Scheduled Monument. Partly in Burtholme CP.

Primary source: the National Heritage List for England - NHLE is the register of nationally protected historic buildings and sites in England, including listed buildings, scheduled monuments, protected wrecks, registered parks and gardens, and battlefields. The list is maintained by Historic England. Check NHLE for updates and new entries.
Secondary sources: British Listed Buildings.

Brampton Civil Parish Boothby Roman Fort Irthing Bridge, near Brampton Howard Memorial Shelter, Brampton Statue of the 7th Earl of Carlisle Old Church Church of St Martin Moot Hall Lanercost Bridge
Church of St Martin
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Church of St Martin
- Overview About St Martin's Church Map Street View St Martin's Church on Front Street in Brampton was built 1874-1878, replacing the old parish church, which was located outside the town. …
Old Church
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Old Church
- Overview Map Street View The old Church of St Martin at Brampton, Carlisle, was built in the 12th century by the River Irthing on the site of a Roman fort. …
Moot Hall
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Moot Hall
- Overview Map Street View Moot Hall is located on the Market Square in Brampton. It was built in 1817 for the Earl of Carlisle, replacing an earlier 17th century hall. Courts were …
Lanercost Bridge
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Lanercost Bridge
- The old red sandstone bridge at Lanercost was built in c.1724. The bridge has two arches, the larger arch spans the River Irthing and the smaller one spans the millstream …
Statue of the 7th Earl of Carlisle
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Statue of the 7th Earl of Carlisle
- Statue of the 7th Earl of Carlisle on The Mote, Brampton.
Howard Memorial Shelter, Brampton
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Howard Memorial Shelter, Brampton
- Overview Map Street View The octagonal shelter on The Sands in Brampton was built c.1930 and is inscribed with a dedication to George and Rosalind Howard. The memorial shelter is …
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Boothby Roman Fort
- There was a Roman fortlet (no visible remains today) at a strategic position overlooking the River Irthing, located to the north-west of Boothby in Cumbria. It was built in the …
Irthing Bridge, near Brampton
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Irthing Bridge, near Brampton
- Overview Map Street View Irthing Bridge carries the A6071 road over the River Irthing, north-west of Brampton in Cumbria. The 3 arched stone bridge was built in c.1729 and altered …


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