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Extracts from Biography of George and Robert Stephenson

Selected extracts from:
The Life of George Stephenson and of his son Robert Stephenson;
comprising also a history of the invention and introduction of the railway locomotive

by Samuel Smiles, New York Harper, 1881.


Note: Text from the book 'as is', but suplemented with images from other sources. Chapter titles in bold. Section titles (below) are for convenience, not from the book. The aim is to embed the sections within other contextual materials and topics within Co-Curate - such as photographs of Wylam, Killingworth etc.

The Newcastle Coal-Field - George Stephenson's Early Years


Early Life of George Stephenson

Newburn and Callerton - George Stephenson Learns to be an Engine-Man

Engine-Man ar Willington Quay and at Killingworth

The Stephensons at Killingworth - Education and Self-Education of Father and Son

The Locomotive Engine - George Stephenson Begins its Improvement

Invention of The "Geordy" Safety-Lamp

George Stephenson's Farther Improvement in the Locomotive - The Hetton Railway - Robert Stephenson as Viewer's Apprentice and Student

George Stephenson Engineer of the Stockton and Darlington Railway

The Liverpool and Manchester Railway Projected

Parliamentary Contest on the Liverpool and Manchester Bill

Chat Moss - Construction of the Railway

Opening of the Liverpool and Manchester Railway, and Extension of the Railwat System

Robert Stephenson Constructts the London and Birmingham Railway

Manchester and Leeds, and Midland Railways - Stephenson's Life at Alton - Visit to Belgium - General Extension of Railwats and Their Results

George Stephenson's Coal-Mines - Appears at Mechanics' Institutes - His Opinion on Railway Speeds - Atmospheric System - Railway Mania - Visits to Belgium and Spain

Robert Stephenson's Career - The Stephensons and Brunel - East Coast Route to Scotland - Royal Border Bridge, Berwick - High-Level Bridge, Newcastle

Chester and Holyhead Railway - Menai and Conway Bridges

Closing Years of George Stephenson's Life - Illness and Death - Character

Robert Stephenson's Victoria Bridge Lower Canada - Illness and Death



The copyright of this work has expired. Author: Samuel Smiles (1812-1904) 

George Stephenson (1781 - 1848) Robert Stephenson (1803-1859) 1844: London to Newcastle in 9 Hours! A Year in Scotland - George Stephenson Birth of Robert Stephenson Childhood (George Stephenson) Family History (George Stephenson) First Jobs - George Stephenson Love of Wildlife - George Stephenson Move to Dewley Burn Move to West Moor, Killingworth Promotion to Assistant Fireman - George Stephenson Quick History of Newcastle and the North East Trip to Newcastle - George Stephenson Work at Black Callerton Colliery - George Stephenson Wylam in the Late 19th Century - Historical Account


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