St. James Park 1982


Why is this place special to me and my dad?


St. James Park was the first place my dad was allowed to go to by himself. He first went to see Newcastle play in 1982, when Kevin Keegan was playing for the club. The ticket to see Newcastle play was £1.00 and £0.35 for the match programme.


It is special to me because I went on to play for Newcastle United girls’ team. I also went to see Brazil vs Honduras in the 2012 Olympic Games which was held at St. James Park. I have followed in the footpath of my dad in supporting Newcastle United.


What was it like when my dad was my a


St. James Park in 1982 was old, dirty and most of all a dangerous place to be. This was because it had an old wooden stand and still had terraces where you stood to watch the match. In 2012 when I last went it was one of the best stadiums in the country.


Has my dad got any interesting stories or information about it?


When the football club were developing plans for a new stadium they wanted to re-build St. James Park on the adjacent Leazes Park, my dad now manages Leazes Park!


Is this special and unique to Tyneside?


Newcastle United is Tyneside’s only premier league football club and is based in the heart of the city centre. So it is very unique and very special to Tyneside!





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